Discover Ultimate NHL Optimizer Hacks for Winning at DFS

An NHL optimizer, without question, dramatically increases your odds of winning NHL DFS tournaments and games. Whether you’re looking for a Draftkings NHL optimizer or a Fanduel NHL optimizer, created its own NHL optimizer after years of personal use.  What was originally used internally, has now become a robust NHL lineup optimizer.  Always remember, […]

Ultimate NFL Optimizer Tactics to Winning at DFS

It’s no surprise that fantasy football is the largest for dfs.  With a high amount of participants, having the right combination of NFL fantasy lineups is crucial to winning.Without question, the right NFL fantasy tools, such as our NFL optimizer, will play a huge role in your ultimate success. It does require patience and a […]

How an Ultimate NBA Optimizer Can Increase DFS Winning Odds

Whether your NBA DFS brand of choice is DraftKings or Fanduel (both even), an NBA optimizer exponentially increases your chances of winning NBA DFS games & tournaments. was created for one single purpose: to give your fantasy lineups an edge when playing DFS. What started off as an internal NBA lineup optimizer, has evolved […]

Ultimate MLB Optimizer Tactics to Winning at DFS

When you use an MLB optimizer it really exponentially increases your chances of winning at MLB dfs. created its own MLB optimizer from scratch, it was accomplished after years of personal use.  To love DFS, you not only have to love fantasy baseball, but you have to love the strategy behind winning at daily […]

Ultimate Draftkings Optimizer Hacks & Tips

When it comes to using a Draftkings optimizer, always remember that all optimizers are not created equal. If you’re an experienced dfs player & have used a Draftkings optimizer before, chances are you fall into one of these two experiences: Too Complicated – You signed up for a trial, possibly a paying member, to determine […]

Ultimate Fanduel Optimizer Hacks & Tips to Winning

All optimizers are not created equal Whether you’re using our Fanduel optimizer or another, the approach behind them are different. If you’ve been playing Fanduel or dfs in general for a while, we’ve see that the majority of feedback (not all) falls under these two bucket: Too Simple – Just because a fantasy tool is […]