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Hi this is Giovanni with I'm going to give you a quick tour of our optimizer page, first show you some info that we have. This is on the turbo slate on DraftKings. As you see here, we get the players name, team position, their salary for the day. You can sort these categories by fantasy points per dollar, fantasy points per game projections, we have min max exposure for each lineups. And then we have the action button of lock and exclude. Now if you click projection here, and you want to switch from high to low, you just click it to you see is going from high to low. Let's make a quick lineup with those projections. We're going to take this is the best pitcher projected on the slate, we will take him

we'll lock him in, he must lock at least one player to generate lineups that will generate five lineups. And you'll have seen that Vince Velasquez will be in every lineup as the pitcher. And this is the Turbo Slate so you'll see 1, 2, 3, 4, he's in every single one. So that's a quick one player lock.

Now we also have other features here, we have team stack, top plays. So first, we want to reset what we've done. So we'll hit reset, and all the locks will now be gone. Let's use the top plays button.

Okay, as you see here, nobody has any top plays for this slate. So we'll click out of that. We'll go to the main sleep.

And the Main Slate you'll see top plays by our analyst. So you see here we have top plays by Chazmule. These are the pitchers he likes. These are the outfielders, shortstops and so on, so forth. Now you can simply lock one of those players that he likes, or multiple players. So he likes Chris Sale we'll lock Chris Sale.

Click out of the top plays button here. And it goes back to the regular screen. Now, Chris Sale will still be locked up here. Okay, and then you can just simply build teams and build more lineups with that. And I'm gonna hit reset. I'm going to show you the team stack feature real quick, simply click team stack. You'll see that we have a lot of games on hand here.

Let's take three Washington hitters. We'll hit save.

And then we have to lock at least one player. So let's lock Wheeler .

and we're gonna generate five lineups. I like to generate five and pick the best ones and putting in a lineup on DraftKings.

But everybody does other things they like to maybe do 10 or 20 lineups and save as many as they want. As you see here, the lineups regenerate is accuracy and all those lineups.. Since we locked him in, we picked Washington. So they have three hitters, three hitters, three hitters. Now sometimes they might have more than that here. They'll have four hitters, as maybe someone that's projected for a good game, so he's a better guy to put in than a player from another team. Okay, so if you want to save lineups, we simply select all teams. And you'll see that they're all able to be saved. If you don't want all of them, you can just pick and choose the ones that you want. So we'll just take three through five for now. We'll click Save lineup.

Now the lineup is saved. And now we go to the Saved Lineups tab. Click the Save lineups tab. And you see that we have the build here. Under the main slate now you can sort by other ones here I think the turbo I already created four builds. But we're going to go back to the main slate and we have

the 1,2,3 teams that we already saved. Now if we want to only upload two instead of three to DraftKings, all we do is select the ones that what you want. And then click the Export button. Pretty simple. And then you go to DraftKings and upload them.

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