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Discover Ultimate NHL Optimizer Hacks for Winning at DFS

An NHL optimizer, without question, dramatically increases your odds of winning NHL DFS tournaments and games. Whether you’re looking for a Draftkings NHL optimizer or a Fanduel NHL optimizer, FantasyLineups.com created its own NHL optimizer after years of personal use. What was originally used internally, has now become a robust NHL lineup optimizer. Always remember, whether it be an NHL Fanduel optimizer or an NHL Draftkings optimizer, all NHL optimizers are NOT created equal! We will do a deep dive of the following topics below:

How an NHL Fantasy Optimizer Enhances Your Odds of Winning at DFS?

It’s no secret that the majority, if not all, large DFS NHL tournaments are one by those with hundreds if not thousands of fantasy lineups. At the core of these NHL fantasy lineups is an NHL Fantasy optimizer. The reason being is simple: can you imagine how long it would take to manually create hundreds if not thousands of NHL fantasy lineups? To make the matters worse, you still need to have insights (NHL sleepers, NHL projections, NHL injuries), combined with a methodical approach to use to create these lineups. Every. Single. Day (for some sports).

That’s where an NHL fantasy optimizer comes in. Now if you didn’t like math in school, then you’ll really appreciate this. Whether you’re doing a Fanduel NHL tournament or a DraftKings NHL tournament, the same rules apply. There are a set number of participants with a set number of allowable lineups per participant. If you’re trying to truly maximize your odds, you need a way to create a solid amount of NHL fantasy lineups easily.

You see, there is an absolute reason daily fantasy hockey (all DFS actually) is classified as a game of skill versus gambling. Having access to the proper insights, combined with an easy to use yet robust NHL fantasy optimize, will give you an edge when competing with other participants.

Our NHL Fantasy optimizer provides you the insights (ex NHL sleepers, NHL projections, NHL injuries) + a systematic approach to creating one to a hundred fifty NHL fantasy lineups. It’s rather simple to use, yet robust at the same time. Layer in our NHL projections & sleepers, you’ll have an edge in all your NHL dfs tournaments & head to heads.

Is an NHL Optimizer Tricky to Use Properly?

When you hear the term NHL optimizer, your initial thinking is “this is going to be complicated”. Don’t get me wrong, there are some NHL optimizers out there that are incredibly complicated. Add to that, some optimizers for the NHL don’t produce the results you need. At FantasyLineups.com, we made ours from scratch. We used our years of experience playing fantasy sports & dfs, and combined it into an easy to use yet robust NHL optimizer.

A good NHL optimizer needs to play a proper balancing act. On one side, you need to have access to easy to digest information. The problem with information, there’s just way too much noise out there (I mean, look at all the sports networks out there popping up with these talking heads). Making that information concise & easy to digest is crucial. Insights such as NHL sleepers, NHL projections, NHL matchups, and injuries to name a few are used to feed the optimizer.

On the other hand, you have the actual NHL optimizer. You need a robust application that can create multiple variations at a click of a button. It needs to be easy to use for beginners and robust enough for advanced players to tweak as needed. In the marketplace, you’ll find some very easy to use NHL optimizers. Thing is, just because something is easy, does not mean it is effective! On the flip side, if the NHL fantasy optimizer is too complicated, then you’ll just stop using it if you can’t figure it out (go ahead and ask a Mac person to switch to Windows – exactly!)

At the end of the day, a valuable NHL optimizer is based on ease of use + results. I mean, if it’s not delivering for you, will you keep using it? I will say though, NHL optimizers take time to get the hang of. It’s important to keep your bankroll tight in the beginning as you get used to the fantasy software & your approach.

Will it Take a While for an NHL Lineup Optimizer to Start Making Me Money?

An NHL lineup optimizer is a combination of great software + the people using it! To break this down ever further, an NHL optimizer consists of two distinct parts. The first part is information – having clear concise relevant information without all the noise that’s out there. The problem with information, it is everywhere & it is VERY noisy. We’ve simplified that entire process with our NHL lineup optimizer.

Part 1 : Insights / Information

  • NHL Fantasy sleepers: These are low salaried NHL players for DFS that have tremendous upside for your NHL fantasy lineup. By having this insight, you can create leveraged lineups with studs that consistently produce points. This will ultimately get you higher scoring NHL fantasy lineups over time, on a consistent basis.
  • Projections: Our algorithm was built to produce a projection. With it, you’ll get an idea of how that player will perform in your NHL DFS tournament.
  • Injury Reports: This is key, most often missed by newbies. Before gametime, any NHL player could go from starting to not playing at all. A pre-game injury to simply a last minute coach’s decision could throw your entire lineup off. Wasted salary on zero points is not getting you to the promised land! By getting up to the minute injury reports, you can then do a mass player swap in Draftkings or Fanduel.

Part 2 : NFL Lineup Optimizer

  • Simple to Use Interface: We wanted our NHL optimizer to be simple to use for beginners, yet robust for experienced users. That balancing act is always evolving, but believe our NHL fantasy optimizer will deliver that for you.
  • Finding the Upside: By combining our insights (sleepers & projections) with our NHL lineup optimizer, you will be able to create optimal NHL lineups in scale – in seconds.
  • Max / Min Percentage: If you’re looking to set an exposure limit for a certain player, or multiple players, it can be done very quickly.

Some Great Hacks When Using Our NHL DFS Lineup Optimizer

Having the proper insights is crucial for an NHL DFS lineup optimizer. NHL projections, NHL sleepers, you need those details to have an edge. Plain and simple. If you nail down an NHL sleeper that is low owned in an NHL dfs tournament, you’re golden. If you take sleepers to be your core players, then build several NHL fantasy lineup variations, you have just seriously increased your chances of winning every single day.

An NHL DFS lineup optimizer also involves you being on top of last minute injuries. Too many newbies miss this part and are left being upset that they have a player that simply won’t earn them any points. NHL lineup stacks is another one. For instance, let’s suppose you have line 1 and the powerplay line from the Philadelphia Flyers, combined with two sleepers from the Rangers and Canadians, you have a great stack there. You can swap out the Flyers with the Sabers for another NHL lineup, rinse and repeat.

Ultimately, our NHL DFS lineup optimizer will give you the knowledge and ability to easily create multiple STRONG variations of NHL fantasy lineups for DFS. By having all this information in an easy to read format within our NHL DFS optimizer, you’ll be creating multiple NHL dfs fantasy lineups that will give you a tremendous edge over the field in your dfs NHL tournaments.

The Methodical Approach to Winning with Our NHL Fanduel Optimizer

First off, the only reason you’re reading this is you love fantasy hockey. With that love, comes the desire to be the best you can be with DFS. That combination is needed when you treat this game as a game of skill. With a game of skill comes the needs to use the proper fantasy software. Our NHL Fanduel optimizer not only gives you the relevant fantasy insights in an easy to read display, but it will give you a methodical approach to winning NHL Fanduel tournaments.

Ever wonder why you start seeing some of the same players on top of the tournaments in Fanduel? Without question, these players are using an NHL Fanduel optimizer. Imagine having to build hundreds, if not thousands, of NHL fantasy lineup combinations by hand! Don’t be fooled though, these types of players are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars per day. A solid NHL Fanduel optimizer will pay huge dividends for you.

NHL Fanduel Lineup Optimizer Tricks & Tactics

Your bankroll is critical when using an NHL Fanduel lineup optimizer. Knowing how much you want to spend a day, broken down to which tournaments & head to heads to be in, will determine the amount of NHL fantasy lineups you’ll want to create with our NHL Fanduel lineup optimizer.

As you start getting a feel for the NHL Fanduel optimizer, you might want to start with a percentage split. You go heavy on head to head (ex 80%) and smaller on tournaments (say 20%). Once you start getting a rhythm in place, you can adjust those percentages as those results start rolling in.

Creating hundreds of lineups with multiple variations is amazing, but only if you bankroll can support it. If not, you’ll need to start with a tighter bunch of NHL fantasy lineup variations. The methodical approach is still the same: use our NHL Fanduel lineup optimizer allowing you the exposure needed to win, with just a tighter eye on your bankroll.

NHL Fanduel Sleepers Value

Our NHL sleepers, NHL projections and insights are there for a reason. Use them. We try our best to remove all the noise that many optimizers feel are important. If you’re able to nail down the NHL sleepers with a huge upside with NHL projections, you’ll be able to create core variations of NHL lineups in Fanduel at ease.

Now that you have that information, you can go directly into our NHL Fanduel lineup optimizer and start creating your lineup builds. Once you do, and have your rhythm in place, you will have a repetitive methodical approach to making killer NHL Fanduel lineups.

NHL Draftkings Optimizer for Strategic Results

It’s important you know that our NHL Draftkings optimizer was built by guys who live and breath NHL dfs. Since our NHL Draftkings optimizer was built by scratch, you’ll see it’s just not another optimizer. We believe in utilizing data & insights to determine sleepers with high upside, combine that with our optimal NHL Draftkings optimizer, it will truly give you a methodical approach to winning at Draftkings.

At the same time, it’s important you also know this does not happen overnight. If will take you several days and weeks to get your rhythm in place. What I do know is this: if you are smart with your bankroll in the beginning, you’ll have the ability to have repeated winners throughout the NHL season on Draftkings.

NHL Draftkings Lineup Optimizer Tactics & Tricks

Our NHL Draftkings lineups optimizer was built to be used by beginners & experienced users. The first part has nothing to do with data or the actual optimizer, but it has to do with your bankroll. You have to be tight with your bankroll in the beginning. If you’re not, you would have given up too soon. You’ll have to go through just a tiny bit of pain to get to the promised land with Draftkings.

Stick with the smaller field and smaller dollar amount tournaments & head to head. Start seeing what is working and not. Make your adjustments and continue to refine your approach. Combine this with our NHL Draftkings lineup optimizer, you will get to the point where it becomes 2nd nature.

Before you dive deep into the optimizer, quickly review our insights. The NHL sleepers and NHL projections will play a key role in setting up your core NHL players in your Draftkings lineups. By taking this info & applying this to the NHL Draftkings lineup optimizer, you’ll see why insights + optimizer = continued success. Don’t get me wrong, you might get lucky here and there without it. But you can’t build a repetitive methodical approach to dfs with luck! Without using our insights + optimizer, your probability of needing to make an additional deposit is VERY high.

We believe in our insights as it eliminates the noise. There is so much noise out there, that you become overloaded with information, which leads to bad decisions. You get to focus on high upside sleepers + projections. By taking that information & using it within our NHL Draftkings lineup optimizer, you’ll see that you can now build a steady methodical approach to Draftkings dfs.

Is There Such a Thing as an Optimal NHL Lineup?

Now, isn’t that the actual million dollar question? Let’s adjust your mindset for a moment. If you interviewed any winners of large tournaments, do you think they had an optimal NHL lineup? No. What they had was a methodical approach to creating a wide net of NHL fantasy lineups. An optimal NHL lineup isn’t what you goal is, your goal is to have a methodical approach that covers your basis and will provide you winnings on a consistent basis.

You truly need multiple lineups to have a chance of consistent winnings in DFS. Our methodical approach to DFS, combining simplified insights + an easy to use robust optimizer, will provide you the approach to make money with DFS.

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