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Ultimate Draftkings Optimizer Hacks & Tips

When it comes to using a Draftkings optimizer, always remember that all optimizers are not created equal. If you’re an experienced dfs player & have used a Draftkings optimizer before, chances are you fall into one of these two experiences:

  • 1. Too Complicated – You signed up as a paying member, to determine that the Draftkings lineup optimizer you’re using is simply too difficult. Way too much data, not sure what do it with it all, and your forced to watch hours and hours of videos on just how to use the Draftkings optimizer
  • 2. Too Simple – There are some Draftkings optimizers out there that are very simple to use. The problem is, it’s too simple. It doesn’t provide you enough of a competitive advantage to actually start winning tournaments on Draftkings.

We created our Draftkings optimizer from scratch. The reason being is, there simply wasn’t one Draftkings lineup optimizer that we liked. So, we decided to start our own for internal purposes. Now, we’ve decided to open our fantasy software to the public. It was important that our Draftkings optimizer was easy to use for a beginning, yet still advanced enough for our experienced players out there. After all, there are so many ways to make money with Draftkings, but the underlying principles are still the same.

Strong DraftKings Optimizer Hacks

When it comes to a Draftkings optimizer, it’s important you start with the insights that feed an optimizer. For instance, there is so much noise out there. The amount of information that has little relevance is just bombarding your eyeballs. To combat that, we focus on keeping our insights relevant and concise.

For instance, finding dfs sleepers is huge. By having 1-3 of these in your fantasy lineup, you can build some solid lineup combinations. When a sleeper delivers, it puts you at a serious advantage. With our fantasy tools, you’ll be able to spot and lock in those sleepers. Fantasy projections have a role as well. If you take this information, combined with matchup & injury details, you’ll have a solid start on your Draftkings lineup optimizer.

From there, you then start your builds with our Draftkings optimizer. It’s important to note that we made our Draftkings lineup optimizer to be simple for a beginner, yet robust for an experienced player. You can set your min / max exposure ratios, see what players have been on fire or projected to be on fire, and create multiple lineup variations for your dfs tournaments

How Important Is Your Bankroll?

Whether you decide to use our Draftkings optimizer or not, its critical you know the importance of managing your bankroll. Creating hundreds of fantasy lineups are great, but if you don’t have the bankroll to support it, you could be depositing again and again.

In the beginning, keep it tight. Don’t fall in love with a lineup to the point where you’re going all in! The name of the game is wide & wise exposure to keep building up your bankroll.

How Valuable are MLB Projections?

When starting out, it’s important that you focus on the head to head and smaller field 50/50s. About 80%-90% of your bankroll should go here, with 10%-20% going into smaller tournaments. After you get used to our Draftkings lineup optimizer, you can then start adjusting your percentage. Always remember that dfs is a game a skill, so don’t treat it like gambling as you might have the desire to do some from time to time.

How Many Draftkings Lineups Should I Create With a Draftkings Optimizer?

This is quite the popular question as there really is no direct answer. As you can guess, the large players created hundreds if not thousands of lineups. They treat it as a pure math equation. How many possible combinations are out there, then take away players they don’t like, how many combinations are left. Now imagine having to create all these dfs lineups by hand!

A Drafkings lineup optimizer will help you across the board on that front. Ultimately, picking out the # lineups your after depends on your bankroll, how many games are in your slate, and how many tournaments you are looking to enter. Be mindful of this fact: having hundreds of lineups sound amazing, but with that comes the need for a large bankroll. If you keep your fantasy lineup combinations tight, you’ll still get the exposure without the large bankroll needed to execute.

Regardless of your approach, having a solid NBA optimizer, NHL optimizer, NFL optimizer or MLB optimizer is only part of it. Identifying the right players with proper insights & a mindset to match, will get you to the winning side of dfs.

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