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How an Ultimate NBA Optimizer Can Increase DFS Winning Odds

Whether your NBA DFS brand of choice is DraftKings or Fanduel (both even), an NBA optimizer exponentially increases your chances of winning NBA DFS games & tournaments. was created for one single purpose: to give your fantasy lineups an edge when playing DFS. What started off as an internal NBA lineup optimizer, has evolved into a full blown NBA optimizer. Whether you’re looking for an NBA Draftkings optimizer or an NBA Fanduel optimizer, you’ll find that all NBA optimizers are not created equal! In this article, we will discuss the following:

Can an NBA Fantasy Optimizer Improve Your Chances of Winning at DFS?

It’s easy for me to simply type yes, it’s a no brainer, as it’s true. But to get to the root of that answer, you need to give deeper. All those Draftkings / Fanduel tournaments or head to heads, all have set # pool of participants with a max # of DFS lineups per participant. For those of you that didn’t like math in school, will see how painful it is to manually create all those lineups. To make matters worse, you need to have some sort of plan in creating those lineups. There’s a reason DFS is a game of skill versus gambling. With DFS, the right skills means having an approach to DFS, combined with the right fantasy tools. Enter in, the NBA fantasy optimizer. Our NBA Fantasy optimizer gives you a systematic approach to creating 1-150 fantasy lineups. Not only does it do it with ease, but it allows you to see a clearer picture for the NBA slates for that given day. Add in our projections and fantasy sleepers, you’ll have an edge for all your NBA DFS tournaments.

Is an NBA Optimizer Easy to Use?

If we are being completely honest here, not all NBA optimizers are created equal. It’s a balancing act of providing you easy to understand information, providing projections, finding those fantasy sleepers with a killer algorithm that runs an NBA optimizer. Just because something is easy to use, does not mean it will provide you the best NBA lineups. Easy does not always equal best! Our optimizer takes all those items into consideration when creating the ultimate NBA optimizer. Something on the easier side to use for those new to the NBA DFS, but also something robust for our advanced users. At the end of the day, the value of an NBA optimizer is if it can actually deliver results for your NBA dfs tournaments. If you’re still losing at Draftkings & Fanduel, are you really going to keep using a certain type of NBA optimizer?!?!?!? That’s why we believe using a combination of our NBA optimizer, combined with our insights (such as projections, sleepers, and DFS strategies), you’ll be able to get the edge you need to start winning at Fanduel & Draftkings.

How Long Before an NBA Lineup Optimizer Has Me Winning?

An NBA lineup optimizer is only as good as the people creating the DFS software AND the people using it! When using an NBA optimizer, we truly believe there’s two crucial parts. The first part is information – you absolutely need to be informed. The problem with information, it is everywhere & it is VERY noisy. We’ve simplified that entire process with our NBA lineup optimizer.

Part 1 : Information

  • Fantasy sleepers: Those low salaried guys that have upside compared to their salaries. By having this insight, you are able to put in higher priced salary players that consistently produce results.
  • Projections: In combination with fantasy sleepers, you can get a gauge on how players will perform with DFS.
  • Injury Reports: Nothing is worse than putting in a lineup, then right before tipoff, that NBA player is ruled out. Wasted salary and zero points put you really behind the 8 ball. By getting up to the minute injury reports, you can receive the information you need to do a mass player swap in DFS

Part 2 : NBA Lineup Optimizer

  • Easy to Use Interface: We made our NBA lineup optimizer simple to use for beginners, with advanced features for those experienced DFS players
  • Finding the Upside: By combining our insights (projections + sleepers) with our NBA lineup optimizer, you will be able to create up to 150 lineups at once.
  • Max / Min Percentage: If you’re looking to set an exposure limit for a certain player, or multiple players, it can be done very quickly.

Tricks to Using an NBA DFS Lineup Optimizer

It’s incredibly important to use insights (projections, sleepers, injury report) + your anticipation of players into our NBA DFS lineup optimizer. It all comes down to coverage. You want to have various combinations in place that allows you the greatest chance to win for NBA dfs. It’s also important that you keep a close eye on the injury report right before game time. The last thing you want, is to feel confident about your fantasy lineups from our NBA DFS optimizer, only to find out that a couple minutes before game time, one of your key players in 80% of your lineups won’t be able to play. You’ll also want to play around with your stacks. For instance, you might love the Lakers matchup tonight.

One of your builds can include say 20 lineups with just the core Lakers players, combined with variations of sleepers to round out your exposure. When you have logged in and are setting the builds for your NBA DFS lineup optimizer, each build can provide you a story. For instance, let’s say one build is for the Lakers, another build can simply be the high priced salary players plus sleeper combination. By having all this information in an easy to read format within our NBA DFS optimizer, you’ll be creating the dfs fantasy lineups that will give you a serious edge over the competition in your dfs tournaments.

NBA Fanduel Optimizer Methodical Approach to Winner

You wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t absolutely love fantasy. Which is why to remember you need to treat this as a true game of skill. Our NBA Fanduel optimizer will allow you to not only have the relevant & concise information to give you the DFS edge, it will also allow you to have a very methodical approach to winning at daily fantasy basketball. As you start playing Fanduel more and more, you’ll start seeing some of the same users towards the top of the tournaments or winning head to heads. Ever wonder why?

Without question, most of these players use some sort of NBA Fanduel optimizer. Imagine building hundreds, even thousands of lineups manually? No way. These guys (and gals) are using some sort of NBA Fanduel optimizer to win at Fanduel for the NBA. Don’t be fooled though, some of these guys are playing thousands and tens of thousands of dollars per day.

One of the tricks we like with Fanduel and DFS is to start using your bankroll towards head to head and small tournaments. As you start getting a feel for it, you can then do a percentage split. 80% of your lineups will go towards smaller tournaments, while 20% can go towards the bigger pools. Some guys don’t do the larger tournaments at all. They only use the NBA Fanduel optimizer for the smaller tournaments, for a bigger dollar amount. It essentially comes down to the size of your bankroll & the amount of exposure you want to create with your fantasy lineups.

Tricks for Using Our NBA Fanduel Lineup Optimizer

As I mentioned before, creating hundreds of lineups with multiple combinations is great. But if your bankroll can’t support it, you need to start off with a smaller amount of lineups. The approach is still the same, using our NBA Fanduel lineup optimizer will allow you the optimal exposure, just at a tighter clip than a larger bankroll.

Make sure to be on top of the insights. The information is there & we remove all the noise that’s out there. Looking at sleepers with large upside, insights into matchups, combined with projections will let you truly get a feel for what our NBA Fanduel lineup optimizer will do for your fantasy lineup sets.

Once you have all that information, you can then go directly into our NBA Fanduel lineup optimizer and start creating your lineup builds. It’s important that you get familiar with the optimizer and see how things function. We truly strive to make the ability to take relevant information, combine it with our NBA Fanduel lineup optimizer, to have those optimal fantasy lineups created for you instantly.

NBA Draftkings Optimizer for Repeated Winners

You have to realize that our NBA Draftkings optimizer was built by guys who live & breathe fantasy football & DFS. By understanding that, and by realizing we had our fantasy optimizer built by scratch, you’ll see it’s not just another optimizer. We believe by utilizing data, combined with an optimal NBA Draftkings optimizer, it will give you a methodical approach to winning at Draftkings. At the same time, this does not happen overnight. This will take several iterations and refinement to get you to the method that works best for you on Draftkings. What I do know is, if you stay at it long enough, and can be smart with your bankroll (especially in the beginning), your ability to have repeated winners with Draftkings will be there with our NBA Draftkings optimizer.

Tricks for Using Our NBA Draftkings Lineup Optimizer

Generally speaking, the largest difference between Draftkings and Fanduel (in terms of an optimizer) is the salary differential and the scoring system. By taking these two items into account, you might see a subtle difference between a Draftkings optimal NBA fantasy lineup compared to a Fanduel one. The first crucial part actually has nothing to do with the optimizer, it has to do with your bankroll. It’s important that you are tight with your bankroll in the beginning. Don’t go for the large Draftkings tournaments or the expense head to head matchups. Start off small to get a feel for our NBA Draftkings lineup optimizer. You’ll want to start seeing what you’re doing correctly, what you’re doing wrong, and the approach that you want to take. Believe me when I say it will constantly be evolving.

One essential part is before playing with our actual NBA Draftkings optimizer, is to take some time and quickly review our insights. Sleeper, projections, and injury reports are essential. By having this information and applying this to the NBA optimizer, you’ll see why insights + optimizer = continued success. Sure you might get lucky here and there, but without the methodical approach, your bankroll will go down to zero. I repeat, without using our insights + optimizer, your probability of needing to make an additional deposit is VERY high.

We believe in our insights as it eliminates the noise. You get to focus on high upside sleepers + projections. By taking that information & using it within our NBA Draftkings optimizer, you’ll see that you can now build a steady methodical approach to Draftkings dfs. We also believe it will take time using our optimizer before finding the approach that works best for you.

What is the NBA Optimal Lineup?

In some cases, this is literally a million dollar question. If you had the opportunity to interview winners of large DFS tournaments, what would you think their NBA optimal lineup was? How many lineups do you think that winner had? See, that’s the part you don’t hear about too much. Wow, he won 50k in a tournament. Well, how much did he spend? What was his bankroll when the week / month / year started? Don’t get me wrong, a win is a win. Positive cash flow is positive cash flow.

The lesson to be learned here is simple: you need multiple lineups spread across multiple tournaments & head to heads to have the NBA optimal lineup. If we are being really honest here, it’s never one lineup that is the optimal NBA lineup. The methodical approach to DFS, simplified insights + an easy to use robust optimizer, will provide you the approach to make money with DFS. The chances of creating just one lineup, one actual NBA optimal lineup to win a tournament is very hard. Repeating this process is near impossible. However, if you take a methodical approach to winning at DFS, you’ll have an optimal NBA lineup method that will last you for seasons upon season.

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