Daily Fantasy Props

Get a Huge Edge on Daily Fantasy Props

Each year, right around the NFL playoffs & ultimately the NFL Superbowl, you'll see a crazy amount of prop bets available. Year after the year, the amount of these prop bets have increased. The popularity behind them has gained so much momentum, that you are seeing apps specialize in just this space. Furthermore, these sames apps (and in some cases sportsbooks) are covering multiple sports throughout the year displaying these dfs props.

NFL Fantasy Prop Lines

The thing with fantasy prop bets are these apps and sports book. Every single business that provides a line, operates their own sportsbook and sets their own line. For instance, Monkey Knife Fight might set there Over/Under on Tom Brady to 275 years. The Underdog app might set Tom Brady's over/under to 302 yards. That's a huge 10% differential. Simply math, if you think he's going over, go to Monkey Knife Fight. If you think that user's going under, stick with Underdog. Now that's just from a spread perspective. But how do you get an edge on which way Brady (in this example) is going?

NBA Fantasy Prop Lines

It comes down to two main things. One is discipline. The 2nd comes down to determining your degree of confidence from a certain over or under. That degree of confidence is a combination to certain type of information, looking at arbitrage opportunities, your gut & let's face it, a little bit of luck!

NHL Fantasy Prop Lines

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