Ultimate MLB DFS Strategy Guide to Winning + Picks

Fantasy baseball players have a true passion for the MLB. Taking it a step further, that same passion is even more so with MLB DFS. The difference between all these players is the MLB DFS strategy Guide they use when it comes to DFS MLB.

If you have some MLB DFS players that play the free games, the games with really high stakes, and everything in between. Most have no MLB DFS strategy at all. The ones that do, tend to have growing bankrolls than those that do not. At the end of the day, having the right MLB DFS lineup comes from having a combination of killer MLB DFS picks, and proper MLB DFS projections, coupled with the right strategy & fantasy software to bring it all together. In this MLB DFS guide, we we’ll discuss the following topics

How to Establish a Strong MLB DFS Strategy Guide

Having a proper MLB DFS strategy Guide is very important for continued success. While you can still win sometimes with no strategy, in the long run, that just simply won’t work out for you. Fantasy baseball is a game of skill after all!

For an MLB DFS strategy to be effective, you need a methodical systematic approach. One that can be replicated with ease. If you execute it properly, you will absolutely see your bankroll increase. It’s a combination of having a certain mindset and having the right MLB fantasy software to exploit the MLB DFS odds to be in your favor.

Initially, the first thing you need to consider has absolutely nothing to do with our MLB optimizer. It’s all about your bankroll. You need to keep your risk exposure tight. Don’t overextend yourself too early as you’ll start adding deposits quicker than you like. Worse than that, you would be giving up on DFS earlier than you should.

If you’re on the newer side to DFS MLB, do an 80%/20% approach. 80% of your funds should be used on head-to-head and small 50/50 tournaments. The remaining 20% should be used towards tournaments where the field isn’t gigantic. As you start hitting your groove, you can start adjusting your MLB DFS strategy Guide and start adjusting these percentages.

In the next part, we’ll do a deeper dive into how our MLB projections and MLB insights feed the optimizer, plus a slew more tips to guide your MLB DFS strategy.

Tricks in Finding Sleepers for MLB DFS Picks

The amount of information out there is nuts. So much so that it brings in too much noise when you’re establishing MLB DFS picks. You absolutely have to remove all that noise. You have to look at what information is relevant for fantasy baseball, particularly when it comes to MLB DFS picks

Finding value players with huge upsides, sleepers even is a huge component. If you look at the math behind it, a good value player lets you bring in an additional one, sometimes 2, high-salary players that consistently bring in upside. It’s kind of like when you do a traditional MLB draft in a fantasy league. The newbies are only focused on rounds 1 and 2, where the experienced ones know that the subsequent rounds are where you can make or break the depth of your team.

An MLB team approach is another one. Let’s say you’re a huge Mets fan. Every time the Mets play, you always create a few lineups with core Mets players. Another set of MLB fantasy lineups could be steak-based. Take the top-ranked offense in baseball and create a couple of lineups around them.

With our MLB DFS optimizer, we focus on the key information components while removing all the unnecessary noise. Even if you don’t use our MLB optimizer (you should be 100% using some sort of fantasy software by the way), you have to give yourself some time before you decide to give up on it.

How Valuable are MLB Projections?

MLB DFS projections are something It allows you to make a decision here & there. Always remember though, it’s not the only driver. It takes past data & tries to predict what that player will do that day.

These MLB projections aren’t always right either. If these were, then we are all in the wrong business! The key element that’s missing is relevant insights that can sway you to the MLB projections. By doing so, you are essentially laying in projections that would change an MLB DFS outcome.

Particularly, how many points per fantasy dollar that fantasy baseball player will earn you on DFS? That metric plays a huge role in maximizing your lineup variations. After all, you can’t afford to overpay for points when you’re keeping in DFS MLB.

Choosing the Right MLB DFS Optimizer Using MLB DFS Strategy Guide

MLB DFS if a fun day-in, day-out, game of skill to play. During that time, we learned early on, that you have to use some form of an MLB DFS optimizer. The amount of time you save, and knowledgeable insights at your fingertips, is incredible.

When comparing one MLB DFS optimizer to another, there were two common themes that bothered us. On one side, you have MLB optimizers that are very very complicated. Hard to understand & hard to use. To make matters worse, you had to watch what felt like 100 hours of videos just to understand how to use it! On the flip side, you have some fantasy baseball optimizers out there that are very easy to use. The problem was, that they didn’t deliver the results needed to win at DFS. Goes to show you, that just because something is easy, doesn’t mean it’s effective.

The process over a few years taught us that an effective MLB DFS optimizer needs to have both the ability to control the parameters in creating multiple lineups AND relevant easy-to-read insights that can feed the MLB optimizer. By creating our MLB DFS optimizer by scratch, we were able to take those two essential learnings into one killer MLB DFS optimizer.

Can You Really Create an Optimal MLB DFS Lineup?

The funny thing about an optimizer MLB DFS lineup is it’s only identified after a tournament is over! An optimal MLB DFS lineup can’t be defined by one lineup, as it’s nearly impossible to create a winnable consistent strategy around this. Ultimately, you need that methodical systematic approach that INCREASES YOUR CHANCES of hitting that winning lineup, which would override any losers you would have.

The amount of MLB lineups to build, the percentage of players on the same team/game, who you consider your core/value players, and setting minimum & maximum percentages are huge features in creating MLB DFS lineups

Before you get into the craziness, you need to take a step back and view this from a top-down methodical approach. If you have the right short & concise insights, a truly systematic approach, with the right DFS software, you’ll get an insane edge.

From here, at the end of the day, the goal isn’t to find an optimal MLB DFS lineup, it’s to establish a systematic methodical approach. Knowing your bankroll size & keeping an eye on it, combined with patience & tenacity, you will get there

Tricks & Tactics On Finding MLB DFS Picks Today

Several times I’ve mentioned the amount of nonsense noise out there. Season after season, it’s just getting worse. When it comes to finding MLB DFS picks today, doing it on a consistent basis is the key, not just the one day.

Likewise, zeroing in on the undervalued players with huge upside, allowing yourself to have more high-price salary players, is a solid way to start your methodical approach. Specific insights like MLB sleepers & MLB projections allow you to increase your chances of seeking those MLB DFS picks today.

How to Consistently Win at MLB DFS Fanduel

A fast and easy way of consistently winning at MLB DFS Fanduel does not exist. Sure, you’ll get some winners this way, but ultimately your bankroll goes down to zero. Focus on our proper insights, adjust our MLB DFS Fanduel optimizer to your needs, and start gaining momentum as you build that bankroll.

First, you find those core undervalued MLB players. Layer in stud combination spread across multiple MLB DFS Fanduel lineups. Set your minimum and maximum percentages of players and start your builds in Fanduel.

The Ultimate MLB DFS DraftKings Guide to Bring Your Bankroll Up

MLB DFS DraftKings takes a rather similar approach to Fanduel. There are some subtle differences between Fanduel and DraftKings, such as salary differentials and partial scoring system differences. The methodology is the same.

Find those undervalued players, layer in some studs & take a systematic approach to building MLB DFS DraftKings lineups. At the end of the day, you still need these 3 areas to enhance your consistent success rate:

  1. Bankroll – keep a very close watch on this. In the beginning, keep your percentages to H2H games & low low field 50/50s.
  2. Avoid the Nonsense Noise – keep it to specific important insights. Find your MLB sleepers and undervalued players. The data out there will drive you nuts, keep it to a couple of key figures.
  3. MLB Optimizer – Use an MLB DFS DraftKings optimizer that is simple to use & has the ability to easily adjust to your needs.

It’s easy to fall in love with an MLB DFS DraftKings lineup. It’s absolutely okay to do this, just don’t put such a large percentage of your bankroll under your approach. Keeping a wide net with different approaches is a MLB DFS strategy Guide that can work over a long time period.