NHL DFS Strategy

Ultimate NHL DFS Strategy Guide to Winning

Fantasy hockey players truly love the NHL. This is why when you find those who love NHL DFS, you truly see the joy on their faces. When it comes to an NHL DFS strategy, it all depends on what your goals are with DFS. Some play NHL DFS for free, some play for very large stakes, and some play for everything in between. Regardless of how you play, everyone is looking for an edge when it comes to the NHL DFS.

Ultimately, having the right NHL DFS lineup comes from having a combination of the right NHL DFS picks, and NHL DFS projections, coupled with the right strategy & tools to pull it off. Below, we will discuss the following in the NHL DFS strategy guide.

Hacks to Growing an NHL DFS Strategy

An NHL DFS strategy is crucial to your success. Don’t get me wrong, you can win sometimes with luck. The thing is, NHL DFS is considered a game of skill for a reason!

A solid NHL DFS strategy relies on having a method to the madness. An approach that can be replicated day in and day out. Is it exciting, not as much as winning on luck is? But, if being right and increasing your bankroll is the name of your game, then you 100 need an NHL DFS strategy.

Our #1 rule has nothing to do with our NHL optimizer. It’s all about being smart with your bankroll. You need to be realistic on what you’re able to start with, what you’re able to risk with, and ultimately how you plan to get through the bumps in the beginning on your way towards DFS success.

To continue on that part, if you are on the newer side to NHL DFS, you should limit yourself to say 80%-85%small field 50/50s and head to heads. The remaining 15%-20% can be used in the mid-tier tournaments. Once you start getting your footing in place, you can open up your NHL DFS strategy to other tournament percentage splits.

In the next section, I’ll go into deeper detail surrounding our NHL insights & NHL projections that feed the optimizer. How important are sleepers and a ton more?

How Important Are Sleepers for NHL DFS Picks

In order to zero in on NHL sleepers with your NHL DFS picks, it’s important you look at how you’re receiving information. Are you able to eliminate most of the noise that’s out there? Cause if you don’t, you will constantly be changing what you feel is the proper insight for your NHL DFS picks.

With NHL DFS picks, finding undervalued players such as NHL sleepers is huge. If you look at the math behind NHL DFS, you have 9 players with a $50,000 salary. If you’re about to find 2-3 solid NHL DFS picks in the $3,000-$ 3,500 range, that would like you with an average of about $7,000 per player. As you start creating multiple NHL fantasy lineups, you can start swapping out those $7,000 average players for someone else.

Let’s suppose you’re going with the stacking approach. You want line 1 and the powerplay line of the Boston Bruins and your undervalued players. Your next lineup could swap out the Bruins with, say the NJ Devils. Another set could be the team playing the worst defense in the league.

You see, by having a solid undervalued core, you can get high-valued players to round up each lineup. Remember, you’re not trying to secure the one-stud lineup, you’re trying to give yourself multiple opportunities to win with your NHL DFS picks.

With our NHL DFS optimizer, we focus on the relevant information, stripping out the noise. Regardless of which NHL optimizer you decide to use (you absolutely should be by the way), be sure to give yourself some time before deciding whether or not to keep using it.

Do NHL Projections Carry Any Weight?

NHL DFS projections are an interesting beast. It’s a number that helps you make certain decisions. The thing is, it’s not the main portion. It takes past data & tries to forecast what that player will do before game time.

While these NHL DFS projections are exact, and not always right either, it does give you a reference point. The part that’s missing is additional insights that could sway the projections, which ultimately changes the fantasy points that the player is expected to earn per dollar.

That’s crucial as if you’re overpaying for points, you might not win your head-to-head or tournament. Always remember that NHL projections are there as a reference point, but don’t be too focused on this number to determine your ultimate weighting of that player.

Tips on Picking the Right NHL DFS Optimizer

NHL DFS is something we have played for for a while. During that time, we have used all sorts of NHL DFS optimizers. When it comes to looking for an NHL DFS optimizer, I always felt there was something off, that I just couldn’t put my finger on.

For instance, some NHL optimizers are very very complicated. That complication leads to frustration, and ultimately abandoning that NHL DFS optimizer altogether. I got to the point where I didn’t care about price, as long as it suited my needs. Unfortunately, it just never panned out.

I remember there being another NHL DFS optimizer that was really easy to use. I got excited as I felt I finally found the one. The problem was, the results were horrible. There were no insights feeding the optimizer, no ability to adjust your player exposure, and the builds had too much similarity. Lesson learned – just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean it will make you money!

Our learnings taught us that a really good NHL DFS optimizer needs to have both specific insights and the ability to pump out lineups as we see fit. There was an absolute reason why we built our NHL DFS optimizer from scratch. We absolutely wanted to make sure that these specific areas were the building blocks of them.

Does an Optimal NHL DFS Lineup Exist?

An optimal NHL DFS lineup is truly a funny thing. I mean, does it even exist? Sure, if you win a tournament by just creating one lineup, technically it is an optimal DFS lineup. The issue is, more like what you don’t know is, how many NHL fantasy lineups did that player put in? 95% of the time, that player had way more than 1 lineup as part of his strategy. Don’t get me wrong, you do get lucky sometimes, but it’s a rarity.

The # of fantasy hockey lineups built, the inclusion of core players, % of players on the same team, same game, all are important components in creating lineups. Things is, if you step back a bit, you can see that there’s a way to be methodical about it. By having the proper relevant insights & using a systematic approach, you’ll have winners that outbeat your losers. Leaving you with a higher bankroll.

The goal is not to find an optimal NHL DFS lineup. The goal is to use a methodical approach with proper insights that give you the edge to consistently make money with DFS. Regardless of your bankroll size, you’ll be able to accomplish this with the right fantasy software, patience, and grit.

Easy Ways On Finding NHL DFS Picks Today?

You may have noticed that I mentioned there’s tons of noise out there. It really is nonstop. You can talk yourself into, or out of, anything surrounding DFS. When it comes to finding NHL DFS picks today, how do you do it every day? Not simple right? Plus, how many picks are you trying to get correct?

There are 9 players needed with a $50,000 salary in an NHL DFS lineup. If you were able to get 3 core undervalued players in place, you can start eliminating some players and teams from your lineup. Ultimately, leaving you with a smaller pool of players to make your NHL DFS lineups around.

NHL sleepers & NHL projections are data points that allow you to increase your chances of seeking those NHL DFS picks today. Don’t forget about your bankroll during this process. The last thing you want to do is overextend yourself.

Systematic Approach to Winning at NHL DFS Fanduel

There is no quick and dirty approach to winning at NHL DFS Fanduel. You need to put the time in, but you don’t need to waste your time in areas that are useless. Take concise actionable insights, feed them out to the optimizer, and have a methodical approach that can be used each day. By simplifying the process and focusing on truly relevant items, you can start building your bankroll by winning at NHL DFS Fanduel.

Establish your core undervalued players. Start layering those with studs across multiple stacks and multiple lineup variations on Fanduel. Set your percentages so you’re not overweight on a certain player/team. Every combination you have becomes its own NHL fantasy lineup to use on Fanduel.

I can’t stress this part enough, be sure to keep an eye on your bankroll to exposure ratio. If it’s tilted too far in the wrong direction, you have a high probability of needing to re-up quicker than you want to.

NHL DFS DraftKings Guide to Increase Your Bankroll

NHL DFS DraftKings is a rather identical approach to Fanduel. Sure, there’s a salary difference between the two DFS brands. Also, you’ll find the scoring system to be slightly different. But at the end of the day, you still need to follow these 3 pillars:

Bankroll – keep a close eye on it. When starting out, keep your percentage to low field 50/50s and head-to-heads

Avoid the Noise – keep it to relevant insights. Find your NHL sleepers and undervalued players. Don’t get caught up in data overload

Optimizer – Use an NHL DFS DraftKings optimizer that is easy to use yet robust enough to handle the needs to continue your bankroll growth.

Don’t spend time falling in love with one lineup. Be sure to take a methodical systematic approach to NHL DFS on DraftKings. If you have the patience, tenacity, and pure desire to make this work, fantasy tools like our NHL DFS DraftKings optimizer will seriously have you trending upwards in no time.