NFL Team Standings

Team Standings

Team standings refer to the ranking and position of teams within a sports league or competition based on their performance and results. In a league like the NFL, team standings typically indicate the win-loss record of each team and their relative position within their division, conference, or overall league standings. Standings provide a snapshot of how well or poorly teams are performing in comparison to others, helping fans and analysts criterion their chances of making the playoffs or securing a first-ranked team in the postseason.

How many conferences are there in the NFL?

The NFL is divided into two conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). These conferences, Established in 1970 during the acquisition of the NFL and AFL, traditionally performed as individual leagues with separate teams, structures, and championships.

How many teams are in each NFL conference?

Each conference within the NFL is made up of 16 teams. Notable teams in the AFC include the Bills, Patriots, and Jets, while the NFC is home to teams such as the Cowboys, Lions, and Cardinals

Why are conference standings important in the NFL?

Conference standings play a pivotal role in determining which teams earn a spot in the playoffs. At the summary of the regular season, the top four teams from each conference save an automatic qualification for the playoffs. These teams are then seeded based on their regular season record. Additionally, winners from each division also receive an automatic playoff berth. The leftover four spots in each conference are determined through the exciting Wild Card Weekend. The conference standings also have an impact on the NFL draft, as teams with poorer records are awarded earlier draft picks.

How many divisions are there in the NFL?

In the NFL, there are a total of Eight divisions, divided into two equal parts between the AFC and the NFC, with Four divisions in each conference. Each division is made up of four teams, carrying the total number of teams in the NFL to Thirty-Two. The AFC comprises of the AFC West, AFC North, AFC South, and AFC East divisions, while the NFC is home to the NFC South, NFC West, NFC East, and NFC North divisions.