NBA DFS Strategy

Ultimate NBA DFS Strategy to Winning + Projections

When you speak to those who play NBA DFS, you can see their faces light up. There is such joy and passion that comes from NBA DFS players. The wrinkle is those that have an NBA DFS strategy to those that do not. That holds true for those who love fantasy basketball as well, but NBA DFS takes it to a whole other level. There are those players who play NBA DFS tournaments for free, there are those who play for very high stakes, and there are those who play in the middle.

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Ultimately, everyone is trying to get an edge when it comes to NBA DFS. At the end of the day, having the right NBA DFS picks, NBA projections & the right fantasy software like our NBA DFS optimizer will give you an insane edge. In this guide, we will discuss the following:

Are NBA DFS Picks All About The Sleepers?

When it comes to NBA DFS picks, NBA sleepers play a huge role in your lineup. Your fantasy basketball lineup for DFS will consist of 8 players, with a $50,000 salary. If 3 of your players take up $30,000 of your salary ($10,000 each), you’re left with only $4,000 for the remaining 5 players. Beginning tend to focus on the studs, and through in whatever players they can at the $3000-$4500 level. You need to change your mindset here when it comes to NBA DFS picks.

If you focus on finding the right NBA sleepers, or in essence undervalued players, you can then start making your lineups around them. Some call this a form of stacking, but you can take those undervalued players and create multiple NBA DFS lineups with studs. These variations for NBA DFS picks will allow you to have the exposure you need to win some of the tournaments out there.

In order to find these NBA DFS picks, you need to filter out all the noise that’s out there. And there is a ton of noise! With our NBA DFS optimizer, we truly focused on providing you with the relevant information to lock in on those NBA DFS picks. Whatever you do, regardless of which NBA optimizer you decide to use, don’t randomize the NBA sleepers. There’s a way to increase your chances of sleepers, which ultimately increases your chances of winning at NBA DFS.

How Much Value Do You Put on NBA DFS Projections?

NBA DFS projections are a funny thing. It’s a number that will help you make certain decisions. But ultimately, it’s not the end all be all. It takes past data and forecasts future results. Think of the stock market and all those so-called analysts out there, how accurate are they really?

At the same time. NBA DFS projections have value. It allows you to estimate how many fantasy points an NBA could get you per dollar. If your goal is to have a lineup that scores 300 points, you want to make sure that each salary dollar gets you 6 points. So if an NBA sleeper, with a salary of $4,000 is only projected to score 12 points, what do you do?

Do you go by the NBA DFS projections or do you override it? An experienced NBA DFS player will tell you that using a minimum & maximum percentage approach to that player is huge. By having some exposure, you’re minimizing your downside risk while getting all of the upside.

What Should I Look for in an NBA DFS Optimizer?

We’ve played NBA DFS for a while and used a couple of fantasy optimizers. When it comes to looking for an NBA DFS optimizer, there was also something that was missing. Some are simply way too complicated to use. I remember one NBA DFS optimizer, I was always contacting support to understand how to use the system. In return, I had to watch what felt like hours and hours of videos. Really, c’mon!

Another NBA DFS optimizer I used was actually very simple to use. On the surface, love the simplicity. The issue was, the results were poor. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s part software tools and part players. Ultimately, just because something is very easy to use, doesn’t mean the results are of quality!

In our eyes, a solid NBA DFS optimizer needs a combination of relevant insights where the noise is gone. Combined with an NBA DFS optimizer that provides you the functionality that’s needed to create multiple variations of quality NBA DFS lineups. We build our NBA DFS optimizer from scratch for a reason. We wanted to make sure that those key areas were always the key drivers in our optimizer.

Is There an Optimal NBA DFS Lineup?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just create one optimal NBA DFS lineup every day? It would make this game of skill so much easier. The reality is, that while one NBA DFS lineup wins a tournament or head-to-head, the strategy behind that so-called optimal NBA DFS lineup is crucial.

The number of fantasy basketball lineups built, the overlap of core players, the percentage of players used on the same team, same game, are all factors in creating lineups. Things are, if you step back a bit, you can see that there’s a way to be methodical about it. By having the proper relevant insights & using a systematic approach, you’ll have winners that outbeat your losers. Leaving you with a higher bankroll.

The goal is not to find an optimal NBA DFS lineup. The goal is to use a methodical approach with proper insights that give you the edge to consistently make money with DFS. Regardless of your bankroll size, you’ll be able to accomplish this with the right fantasy software, patience, and grit.

How to Find the Right NBA DFS Picks Today?

I mentioned earlier how there’s a ton of noise out there. How do you find the right NBA DFS picks today, every single day? It’s not easy. Plus, how many picks are you talking about here? There are 8 players needed on a $50,000 salary in an NBA DFS lineup. If you could lock down 3 solid players, and you can eliminate some players or teams entirely, you’re left with a smaller pool of players to build lineups around.

Insights such as NBA sleepers & NBA projections will allow you to increase your chances of locking in on those seeking NBA DFS picks today. It’s crucial that you take your bankroll into account. If you’re looking to create 200 lineups, but your bank role barely covers your entrance fee, you’ll need to reconsider your approach.

How to Consistently Win at NBA DFS Fanduel

If you’re looking for a quick magic bullet to keep winning at NBA DFS Fanduel you will be disappointed! The trick, believe it or not, is a mindset combined with the right fantasy software. To keep on winning with Fanduel NBA DFS, you need a methodical systematic approach. On one side, it starts with having the proper insights (without all the noise). Once you have that, you can then go into our NBA DFS Fanduel optimizer & start building your lineups.

The goal here is to establish your core set of players on Fanduel while layering in players across multiple avenues. For instance, you might want to layer in Philadelphia vs. Brooklyn as you believe it will be a higher-scoring game. Or you might want to layer in the top two scoring teams in a slate. Each combination becomes a lineup, allowing you to spread your NBA DFS Fanduel lineups across multiple tournaments and head-to-heads

At the same time, it’s important you keep an eye on your bankroll. Don’t extend yourself too soon or too high, as it will have you depositing funds more than you’d like!

NBA DFS DraftKings Guide to Growth

Similar to Fanduel, your approach to growing your bankroll with NBA DFS DraftKings is pretty identical. You need to go with a methodical repeatable approach to NBA DFS. You’ll have up days and down days, but eventually, your bankroll will continue on an upward trajectory.

Instead of focusing on creating a killer lineup, use an approach that covers multiple areas on DraftKings. For instance, eliminate all the noise of information that’s out there. With our fantasy optimizer, we’ve simplified the information insights to focus on core items. Finding NBA DFS sleepers in DraftKings is a must. If you find value players with huge upside, it gives you the opportunity to have more of the players in the high salary range who are consistent earners.

Top Tips & Tricks to Growing an NBA DFS Strategy

If you made it down to this part of the guide, hopefully, you have learned some actionable NBA DFS strategies you can use in your next DFS tournaments. A proper DFS strategy relies on having a methodical systematic approach to DFS NBA as a whole. By utilizing a wide net approach, you’re able to minimize your losses while capturing your upside.

If you’re starting off, be sure to focus on small field 50/50s and head to heads. In these instances, you won’t need as many NBA fantasy lineups to give you an edge. Whatever you do, don’t fall in love with any one particular NBA fantasy lineup. After all, love can really hurt!

First, establish your proper insights. Don’t get lost in the noise. Our NBA DFS optimizer provides you with the relevant insights you need, such as NBA sleepers, studs & projections. Then take that information and start building your builds in the optimizer. Take that downloaded file & upload it to DraftKings / Fanduel. As time goes on, you’ll start making tweaks to your methodology and the optimizer to suit your way of doing it.