NHL Starting Goalies

This page keeps you updated in real time with the NHL starting Goalies for today, tonight, and tomorrow as their announcements are made.


This metric calculates the team’s likelihood of securing a win in their upcoming game based on the most recent betting insights from the Moneyline, Puck Line, and Over/Under. Generally, choosing a starting goalie with favorable win probabilities for a particular evening requires allocating a more significant portion of your fantasy league’s salary cap.

Goals Against Average (GAA)
GAA measures the average number of goals conceded by a goalie for every 60 minutes played in the current season. Aiming for a goalie with a lower GAA is wise since each goal against reduces the points you accumulate in your fantasy league.

Win/Loss Record (W/L)
This stat outlines the goalie’s victory and defeat tally for the season, with the first number denoting wins and the second losses. It provides insight into the goalie’s overall performance and reliability.

Fantasy Salary
Here, we disclose the fantasy cost of including this goalie in your team lineup, with adjustable filters for DraftKings and FanDuel pricing. This figure helps in budgeting within your fantasy salary cap.

Save Percentage (SV%)
This figure indicates the proportion of shots a goalie successfully saves out of the total shots faced over the season. For instance, a goalie who saves 935 out of 1000 shots has a save percentage of .935. A higher save percentage is desirable, so more shots are blocked, boosting your fantasy score.

Back-to-Back (B2B)
An orange “Back to Back” emblem signifies that the goalie played the previous day and is confirmed to start again today without any rest days in between. This scenario often arises due to a need for more healthy backup goalies and is usually associated with a decreased likelihood of winning.

NHL Starting Goalies

The NHL Starting Goalies refers to the goaltenders who are appointed to start a particular game for their teams. The starting goalies are generally announced by the teams’ coaching staff or organizations just before the game. These goaltenders are responsible for defending their team’s net and stopping the opposing team from scoring goals. The selection of starting goalies can differ from game to game, and it usually depends on factors such as performance, health, and strategic considerations. 

An In-Depth Guide to Initiating the Game with Goalies

The goalie holds the utmost significance in Daily Fantasy Hockey, serving as the critical position that can greatly impact your success. Typically, goalies are not only the highest-priced players, but they also tend to generate the highest scores on your roster. Achieving a shutout can significantly boost your chances of winning, while a poor performance can lead to negative fantasy points and spell defeat for your lineup. Discover the power of skilled goalies in maximizing your chances of cashing in on your fantasy hockey endeavors.

Tips for selecting a starting goalie in DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) strategy

When it comes to choosing your starting goalie in Daily Fantasy Hockey, there are three crucial factors you should consider. Follow these guidelines to make informed decisions and increase your chances of success:

  • Confirm the starting goalie: Don’t make the painful mistake of selecting a goalie who isn’t starting. Use our reliable starting goalie tool to find the latest updates on confirmed starting goalies. We regularly update our list, so be sure to check back frequently to avoid any contest-ruining errors.
  • Prioritize winning potential: Winning is vital in both DraftKings and FanDuel, as it heavily impacts your Fantasy Points. If your goalie doesn’t secure a win, it becomes challenging to make up for those lost points with your skaters. Our starting goalie tool simplifies this process by providing you with the “WIN ODDS” for each goalie and matchup. Our calculations consider the Moneyline, Puck Line, and Over/Under, giving you an accurate indication of the goalie’s likelihood of winning.
  • Seek value: While it may be necessary to invest in a top-tier goalie facing a weaker team on a night with few matchups, large field tournaments with multiple matchups offer an opportunity to find value and allocate more budget towards premium skaters. Look for goalies priced slightly below the top goalie of the night, with a solid 60%+ chance of winning. Factors such as the opposing goalie playing on a back-to-back or the absence of a key player on the other team can further enhance your decision-making.

By following these guidelines and using our starting goalie tool, you can make strategic choices that maximize your chances of success in Daily Fantasy Hockey. 

When are the starting goalies announced?

When it comes to determining the starting goalies in hockey, it’s not unusual for teams to confirm their selections the night before. However, in most cases, these announcements will come in slowly throughout the day. To stay up to date with the latest starting goalie news for tonight’s and tomorrow’s games, make sure to check back frequently. Our platform provides timely updates so you can stay informed on who will be guarding the net. Don’t miss out on this vital information – keep checking back for the latest updates on starting goalies.

How do teams decide on their starting goalie?

In most cases, the starting goalie for a team will be the common starter. However, there are occasions when a backup goalie will take the net as an alternative. This can happen because of some reasons such as injury, breaking a losing streak, or providing rest for the primary goalie to avoid back-to-back games. On average, teams typically have their starter play around 50-55 games per season, while backups get a chance to start in the net around 20-25 times. Stay updated with our platform to know when these changes in the goalie lineup occur and make informed decisions for your fantasy hockey lineup.  

How many games do starting goalies play?

The number of games starting goalies play varies depending on factors such as team strategy, goaltender performance, and scheduling. Typically, starting goalies play the majority of games, while backup goaltenders play around 20-30 games or more.

How Many goalies can a hockey team have?

A hockey team can have up to 3 goalies on its roster. This is the maximum number allowed per NHL rules. In most cases, teams carry 2 goalies, a starting goalie, and a backup goalie. The 3rd goalie, sometimes referred to as the 3rd-string goalie, is usually a prospect or an emergency backup who practices with the team but is not usually active for games unless required due to injury or other accidental circumstances.