Upcoming NHL Matchups

NHL Matchups

NHL matchups refer to the scheduled games between teams in the National Hockey League. Each matchup features two teams facing off against each other, competing on the ice to secure a victory. These matchups occur throughout the NHL season and are an essential part of the game. The matchups are carefully crafted by the league to ensure a balanced and exciting competition among teams. They take into account factors such as team rankings, previous performance, and geographic considerations. NHL matchups create anticipation and excitement for fans as they eagerly follow their favorite teams and players in their quest for success on the ice. From the intense rivalries to the exhilarating playoff battles, NHL matchups provide thrilling moments for hockey enthusiasts around the world.

Money Lines and Win Probabilities

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How to use the Over / Under for DFS Hockey

Our unique over/under color coding system permits you to easily identify which games are worth targeting in NHL betting. We highlight 3 categories: good matchups, average matchups, and games to avoid.


When it comes to over/under totals, it’s rare to see a game with a total of 4.5 or less. These matchups are generally not ideal for betting purposes, and it’s often wise to pass on them. Instead, focusing on games with a total of 5.5 usually indicates a thrilling showdown between 2 high-scoring teams. These matchups tend to offer more potential for exciting and high-scoring games.


By leveraging our over/under color coding system, you can quickly identify the best games to target and make more informed decisions in your NHL betting strategy. Get ahead of the game and discover the matchups that hold the most promise for profitable results.

How many times do NHL teams play against each other?

NHL teams play each other 3-4 times during the regular season, which usually lasts from early October to late April. Each team plays Eighty-Two games, with Forty-one home games and Forty-one away games. This schedule allows for a balanced schedule and fair game among teams. 

How many timeouts does an NHL team get?

An NHL team is allowed 3 timeouts per game, which can be used to stop play for various reasons such as injuries, disputes, or equipment malfunctions. Each timeout lasts for thirty seconds, and they can be used at any point during the game. 

Why does the NHL allow fighting?

The NHL allows fighting as part of its entertainment value and to balance the game’s speed and skill with physicality and intensity. Fighting is also seen as an essential aspect of hockey’s culture and history. However, the NHL has implemented rules to regulate fighting and player safety, such as instigator penalties and fighting majors. 

How many fights can you have in the NHL?

According to NHL rules, if a player receives two instigator penalties or takes part in three fights during a single game, they will be automatically ejected. Additionally, the player’s coach can face a suspension of up to ten games for permitting players to leave the bench and engage in fights.

These rules aim to discourage excessive fighting and maintain the integrity of the game. By enforcing penalties for repeated instigators and multiple fights, the NHL emphasizes player safety and fair play.