NBA Team Standings

The NBA team standings are constantly changing grounded on the results of the games during the NBA season. The standings are generally determined by winning chance, with ties being broken by the head-to-head record, division record, and eventually conference record.   

You can find the most over-to-date standings on colorful sports websites,  similar to the sanctioned NBA website, ESPN, Yahoo Sports, or other estimable sports news outlets. Flashback that the standings are resolved between the Eastern Conference and Western Conference, with standings within each conference’s divisions also constantly reported.   

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What are the criteria for NBA standings?

The criteria for NBA standings are primarily based on winning percentage, followed by tiebreakers such as head-to-head record, division record, and conference record.  

What happens if there is a tie in the NBA standings?

If there is a tie in the NBA standings, tiebreakers are used to determine the higher ranking. The tiebreaker criteria typically include head-to-head record, division record, and conference record, in that order.

What are two-way contracts in the NBA?

2-way contracts in the NBA are a type of contract that allows a player to divide their time between an NBA team and its affiliated G League team. These contracts are limited in time and provide players with the opportunity to get experience and development in both leagues.

Which NBA conference is better?

Determining which NBA conference is better is subjective and can depend from season to season. Both the Eastern Conference and Western Conference have strong teams and talented players. The perception of which conference is better can depend on factors such as overall team records, playoff success, and individual team matchups. Ultimately, a better conference can be a matter of personal opinion and can change over time.