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NHL injury news holds important value for fantasy hockey fans, shaping their strategies and decision-making processes. Fantasy hockey relies on the performance of NHL players, and injuries can highly impact a player’s ability to score points and contribute to their team’s success. Being aware of the latest injury news allows fantasy hockey managers to make informed choices about their lineup, whether it involves adjusting their roster, exploring potential trades, or seeking suitable replacements on the waiver wire. correct and updated information on NHL injuries is essential in maintaining a fair and competitive fantasy hockey landscape, ensuring that all participants have equal opportunities to build their best teams and compete for the top spot in their leagues. By staying informed on NHL Player news, fantasy hockey managers can strategically navigate their way to success and increase their chances of winning their fantasy leagues.  


What is the NHL rule on intent to injure?

The NHL has a rule called the “Rule of Intent to Injure” which shows that players are not allowed to use their body or hockey stick to intentionally injure an opponent’s team player. This rule is in place to encourage a safe and fair game, and players who break this rule it can face penalties and disciplinary actions. 

Why does the NHL, not disclose injuries?

 The NHL (National Hockey League) does not disclose injuries to protect the privacy of its players and to avoid giving an unfair advantage to opposing teams. By not disclosing injuries, the league aims to encourage a level playing field and to keep the focus on the game Instead of the health of individual players. 

What is the most common injury in the NHL?

The most common injuries in the NHL differ from season to season, but some of the common injuries seen in hockey include concussions, shoulder injuries (such as AC separations and broken clavicles), knee injuries (such as ACL tears), and dental or eye injuries. It’s significant to note that the nature and frequency of injuries can vary every year. 

What is the difference between IR and out in the NHL?

In the National Hockey League(NHL), the designation “IR” means “Injured Reserve”, while the term “out” indicates that a player is not able to play because of injury or illness. Players placed on “IR” are not able to return to active play for at least 7 days, while those listed as “out” are not available for a particular game but may fail to meet the criteria for “IR”.


Can I export my lineups into CSV?

Yes, many NHL DFS lineup optimizers allow users to export their lineups into a CSV file. This feature enables you to easily transfer and analyze your lineups in other applications or platforms like Draftkings & Fandual.