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Innovative Simulation Technology

Embark on a journey to lineup optimization like never before with our unique, proprietary algorithm. offers more than predictions—it simulates every pitch and swing in every game, repeatedly providing you with insights and an edge that’s simply unmatched.

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Accuracy and speed are hallmarks of our industry-leading MLB projections. ensures you’re always ahead of the curve, with real-time updates reflecting the latest in starters, lineups, and weather conditions.

Targeting Peak Performances

Average outcomes don’t bring home the grand prizes in daily fantasy baseball; it’s about those top-tier performances and the frequency with which players achieve them. Our advanced simulations make it easy to spot the players most likely to deliver game-changing performances.

A Deeper Understanding of Upside

Where traditional optimizers see numbers, sees potential. We’re built to leverage the full performance spectrum of players, laying the groundwork for your triumphs.

Wide Sports Coverage caters to enthusiasts of all major sports—NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL—ensuring that no matter the season, your fantasy needs are covered.

All Major DFS Platforms Supported

Your favourite platform is our priority. That’s why we offer seamless support across all the top sites: DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, and SuperDraft (soon to be added).

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Step into our private Discord Server and immerse yourself in a community eager to exchange ideas, celebrate successes, or commiserate over those last-minute lineup changes. With, you’re part of a team.

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How does the MLB lineup optimizer Work?

Our MLB lineup optimizer analyzes top-rated DFS projections and incorporates features like player locking, filtering, and exclusion. By considering factors like player performance, matchups, and other data points, it generates multiple optimized lineups for platforms like DraftKings and Fanduel. Whether you prefer Classic contests or Showdown and Single-Game formats, our optimizer adapts to your needs, saving you time and increasing your chances of winning.

How do set the best MLB fantasy Lineups?

To set the best MLB fantasy lineups, research player performance, analyze matchups, consider recent form, evaluate historical performance, monitor lineup news, utilize analytics and tools, diversify your lineup, stay within budget, and regularly review and adjust. Following these steps will help you maximize your chances of success in fantasy baseball.

Can I export my lineups into CSV?

Our MLB DFS lineup optimizers allow users to export their lineups into a CSV file. This feature lets you quickly transfer and analyze your lineups in other applications or platforms like Draftkings & Fandual.

Which is the best MLB DFS lineup optimizer?

Our MLB Fantasy lineup optimizer is the best; the best MLB DFS lineup optimizer depends on individual preferences and needs. Exploring and comparing our tools is recommended to find the one that aligns with your specific requirements and provides accurate projections.

Does an Optimal MLB Lineup Exist?

Since there is no answer yet, the winner of a large tournament can quickly point to his lineup being the optimal MLB lineup! You have to look at the complete picture before getting to the one optimal MLB lineup.

How Hard is it to Use an MLB Optimizer?

Using an MLB optimizer can be both easy and challenging. It depends on your familiarity with baseball analytics. If you’re already knowledgeable, it’s relatively straightforward to input parameters and generate an optimized lineup. However, if you’re new to fantasy baseball or advanced statistics, a learning curve may be involved. Supplementing optimizer recommendations with your research and understanding of the game is essential.