Why Choose Fantasylineups over Rotogrinders

RotoGrinders has been the largest DFS Community for many years and has produced a great deal of content. RotoGrinders deserves credit for their work, but when it comes time to improve your DFS skills, they have two significant problems.

Rotogrinders vs

Information overload

RotoGrinders produces dozens of articles every day, as well as podcasts and forums. The majority of them aren’t excellent. It isn’t easy to know which are good when there’s so much information.

What information can you trust? What can you do with it?

The information provided here will not teach you anything but only allow you to select the best games for a particular day.

LineupHQ does not understand the benefits.

When you build your lineups today, it would be helpful to consider the upside, correlation, and ownership.

LineupHQ ignores that. LineupHQ will give you average projections. You’ll need to work hard to create DFS lineups that are competitive.

LineupHQ can only give you winning lineups after you have spent hours dialing each. Single. Setting.

Even if you can figure out what the correct settings are, each slate, sport, and competition is different. Who has time for this?!

LineupHQ remains the same today as it did years ago.

LineupHQ may have had a successful approach in 2015. They haven’t released a meaningful update in years.

DFS becomes more and more competitive each year. It would be helpful if your tool improved as fast as your competitors.

Why would you want to use an optimizer that creates lineups for 2015?

What makes us unique? places a high value on the quality and usefulness of its content. We may not have dozens of articles every day, but we do provide everything you need for a competitive edge.

You can improve your game without having to spend hours in the ocean or use outdated tools. has the answer.

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Want more?

You can find seven additional reasons to choose instead of RotoGrinders.

Exclusive simulator

The engine of all our tools is our custom simulator. It simulates each game thousands of times using dozens of different variables. This unique process gives you correlations and ranges for player outcomes that RotoGrinders, or any other website, can’t match.

Our lineup creator can create 150 competitive lineups within one minute.

LineupHQ requires you to wait for hours before you can create 100 lineups in accordance with the rules. Want to change something? Do you want to change something in your life?

The lineup builder incorporates thousands of data points from simulations and gives you 150 competitive lineups under one minute.

We will guide you to the best possible combinations.

LineupHQ sorts your lineups according to the averaged projected score, but averages don’t win GPPs. Correlation, and ownership to find the best lineups.

Use the best contest simulators for DFS to take your DFS game to another level. This software calculates ROI for each DFS lineup and simulates it.

We are continually improving.

LineupHQ has become outdated. is constantly adding new features.

Our support team is among the best DFS has to offer.

No matter your DFS experience, we’re here to assist you. You can reach out in our Discord server, in our in-app live chat, or by emailing and answers immediately.

You can improve your skills by using our content.

RotoGrinders is for you if all you want are “cheatsheets” that will tell you what to play, and you don’t care if others also receive these tips. doesn’t mean that you know how to play. Our coaches are available to answer your questions about DFS on a daily basis. We also upload videos weekly to our YouTube channel.

Test before you buy

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