Top 10 Catchers to Watch in MLB This Season: An Unmissable Guide

Top 10 Catchers in MLB

As the Major League Baseball (MLB) season swings into action, all eyes are on the players set to make an impact. Among the positions closely watched are the catcher, a pivotal role in the game’s defence and an increasingly crucial component of a team’s offence. This year, the league is brimming with talent behind the plate, making it an exciting time for baseball enthusiasts. Here’s a comprehensive look at MLB’s top 10 Average Draft Position (ADP) catchers, showcasing their skills and what makes them stand out.

1. J.T. Realmuto - Philadelphia Phillies (PHI)

Often considered the gold standard among MLB catchers, J.T. Realmuto continues to dominate offensively and defensively. With a strong arm and quick reflexes, Realmuto’s ability to control the game from behind the plate is unmatched. Offensively, his combination of power and speed adds a dynamic edge to the Phillies’ lineup.

  • Career Stats (as of 2023): .278 BA, 129 HR, 469 RBI
  • 2023 Season Stats: .290 BA, 25 HR, 85 RBI

2. Adley Rutschman - Baltimore Orioles (BAL)

Adley Rutschman, the young star for the Orioles, has rapidly ascended to become one of the most promising catchers in the league. With a disciplined approach at the plate and an impressive ability to manage pitchers, Rutschman is a cornerstone for Baltimore’s future.

  •        Career Stats (as of 2023 in minors): .276 BA, 39 HR, 154 RBI
  •        Expected 2024 Season Debut in MLB

3. Will Smith - Los Angeles Dodgers (LAD)

Will Smith has emerged as a key offensive weapon for the Dodgers. His power-hitting capabilities and consistent on-base performance make him a threat in any lineup. Behind the plate, Smith’s framing and game-calling have improved significantly, making him a dual threat.

  • Career Stats (as of 2023): .249 BA, 65 HR, 204 RBI
  • 2023 Season Stats: .260 BA, 19 HR, 63 RBI

4. Salvador Perez - Kansas City Royals (KC)

Salvador Perez, a veteran who has mastered dramatic hits, is the soul and heart of the Royals. Perez is known for his power-hitting and has been consistently among the top home run-hitters in his position. He also displays leadership skills.

  • Career Stats (as of 2023): .269 BA, 183 HR, 610 RBI
  • 2023 Season Stats: .272 BA, 28 HR, 90 RBI

5. William Contreras - Milwaukee Brewers (MIL)

William Contreras has quickly made a name for himself with his impressive offensive skills. Now with the Brewers, Contreras looks to continue his ascent as one of the top-hitting catchers in MLB, bringing power and a keen eye to Milwaukee’s lineup.

  • Career Stats (as of 2023): .243 BA, 22 HR, 78 RBI
  • 2023 Season Stats: .255 BA, 15 HR, 52 RBI

6. Yainer Diaz - Houston Astros (HOU)

As one of the exciting new talents, Yainer Diaz brings a potent mix of hitting ability and arm strength to the Astros. Diaz’s emergence is watched closely, as he’s expected to become a key figure in Houston’s quest for dominance.

  • Career Stats (as of 2023 in minors): .292 BA, 20 HR, 112 RBI
  • Expected 2024 Season Debut in MLB

7. Alejandro Kirk - Toronto Blue Jays (TOR)

Alejandro Kirk has captured the attention of baseball fans with his exceptional hitting. His ability to make contact and find gaps makes him a valuable asset to the Blue Jays, not to mention his improving defensive skills behind the plate.

  • Career Stats (as of 2023): .282 BA, 12 HR, 49 RBI
  • 2023 Season Stats: .275 BA, 7 HR, 27 RBI

8. Willson Contreras - St. Louis Cardinals (STL)

Willson Contreras, known for his fiery competitiveness and robust offensive production, has found a new home with the Cardinals. His leadership and experience are invaluable for a team looking to contend, making him a focal point of St. Louis’s strategy.

  • Career Stats (as of 2023): .259 BA, 114 HR, 362 RBI
  • 2023 Season Stats: .270 BA, 20 HR, 68 RBI


9. Sean Murphy - Atlanta Braves (ATL)

Sean Murphy brings a balanced approach to the Braves, offering solid defensive skills and a potent bat. His ability to handle pitchers and control the game’s pace significantly boosts Atlanta’s pitching staff.

  • Career Stats (as of 2023): .242 BA, 45 HR, 133 RBI
  • 2023 Season Stats: .250 BA, 12 HR, 40 RBI

10. Francisco Alvarez - New York Mets (NYM)

Rounding out the list is Francisco Alvarez of the Mets, a young catcher with immense potential. Alvarez’s power at the plate and his ability to manage a game defensively signal a bright future ahead in New York.

  • Career Stats (as of 2023 in minors): .278 BA, 25 HR, 90 RBI
  • Expected 2024 Season Debut in MLB

These catchers provide the backbone to their teams’ defences and add depth and power to their lineups. Watching these talents unfold will undoubtedly be a highlight for baseball fans worldwide as the season progresses. Whether through their leadership, offensive prowess, or defensive skills, these top 10 ADP catchers are set to leave their mark on MLB this season.