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Ultimate Fanduel Optimizer Hacks & Tips to Building Winning Lineups

All optimizers are not created equal Whether you’re using our Fanduel optimizer or another, the approach behind them are different. If you’ve been playing Fanduel or dfs in general for a while, we’ve see that the majority of feedback (not all) falls under these two bucket:

  • 1. Too Simple – Just because a fantasy tool is simple, does not mean it will deliver! There are some Fanduel optimizers that are very easy to use, but it just won’t help you win at Fanduel. Just because it created you 100 lineups, does not mean you’ll start winning!
  • 2. Complicated – Some of these Fanduel lineup optimizers have way too much data. To the point where it’s so incredibly complicated you become overloaded. You never really feel confident in your lineups and are questioning what you’re still paying for a Fanduel optimizer to begin with.

We tried using other optimizers for Fanduel, there just always was a reason we left. So figured to just create something for ourselves. We tested out with some dfs friends and before we knew it, we decided to launch our Fanduel lineup optimizer for the public. For us, it was critical that our Fanduel optimizer catered to two sets of users: those that are beginners but need a robust easy to use methodical system and for experienced users as well. The amount of ways to make money with Fanduel on a consistent basis is huge, but using a proper methodical approach is crucial.

Strong Fanduel Optimizer Hacks

There’s essentially two parts to a proper Fanduel optimizer. On one side is information. There is so much information out there that you need the ability to cut out 90% of the noise. We believe that our Fanduel lineup optimizer does just that. We focus on finding you the dfs sleepers in combination with projections to help you start with a base of core players. While doing so, it’s leaving you with a good amount of salary to round out each fantasy lineup. We consider this concise actionable insights, while eliminating the noise.

The reason finding a sleeper in dfs is crucial is simply math. If you are able to get the same amount of points from a $4000 player as you are a $6500 player, that gives you a huge percentage jump in salary to use.

Combining those sleepers with additional insights such as projections, injuries and matchups, you’ll start getting a better picture of where the upside will be coming in from. From there you move on to the nuts and bolt of it all, our Fanduel optimizer.

With our Fanduel lineup optimizer, you’ll be able to lock in these sleepers & start building various builds of lineups. You’ll be able to set your min / max percentage as you start developing a model of players you want in your multiple fantasy lineups.

How Strict Should You Be With Your Bankroll?

Even if you decide not to use our Fanduel optimizer, you need to know regardless of the fantasy software you use, you have to keep managing your bankroll. Don’t try to create hundreds of lineups if you don’t have the bankroll to support it. Especially in the beginning, you need to be extra smart about your exposure.

Keep it tight and keep it smart. If you absolutely love a fantasy lineup, don’t do it! The name of the game for constants wins is wise & wide exposure as your bankroll keeps building.

Is There a Certain Type of Fanduel Tournament I Should Focus On?

As you start playing more and more dfs, you’ll constantly be evolving what tournaments and sports that you’ll want to enter. Regardless of where you end up, its very important to know how you start. We highly recommend keeping a very low percentage of your bankroll to large tournaments. Somewhere around 10%-15% is sufficient. You really want to start small & smart with smaller field 50/50s and head to head matches. After some time passes and you’re comfortable with our Fanduel lineup optimizer, can you then start widening your risk. In the back of your mind, always remember that daily fantasy sports is a game skill. Sharpening your skills will increase your bankroll.

Is There a Magic Number of Lineups I Should Create With a Fanduel Optimizer?

As you can imagine, this is quite the popular question. Fanduel players with really large bankrolls are creating hundreds if not thousands of lineups daily. That’s right, every single day. They treat Fanduel like a pure math equation. The more variations of lineups you have available, the greater the chance you’ll net out ahead on your bankroll. Now for the beginners or those with a lower bankroll, you’ll need to be smart with the amount of lineups you create. A Fanduel optimizer can create 100s and 1000s of lineups, but that doesn’t mean you need them. Using it as part of a strategy, combined with your bankroll, you’ll be able to determine that a smaller set of lineup variations can do the trick as well.

Whether you’re looking to use an MLB optimizer, NHL optimizer, NFL optimizer or NBA optimizer, having the right mindset, insights & dfs tools will give you the ultimate edge to win consistently.

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